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Sign up or log in or log in via follow us on pinterest home articles community my profile edit home » categories » health » conditions and treatments » skin conditions how to treat skin cancer 7 authors | 17 revisions | last updated: august 29, 2012 pin it article edit discuss skin cancer treatment always begins with removal of the cancerous cells. viagra no prescription The method and follow-up skin cancer treatment depends on the cancer type, which may be basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma or melanoma, as well as the stage of skin cancer. As with most cancer, the success rate is higher the earlier the skin cancer is detected. buy viagra without prescription Here are the possible options to treat skin cancer. Edit steps 1 use nonsurgical methods to treat small, early skin cancers that don't penetrate deep into the skin. cheap 2.5 mg viagra These three options are performed in the doctor's office: freezing the skin cancer with liquid nitrogen. 25 mg viagra online This procedure is quick and fairly painless. Over several days, the dead tissue will blister and then flake off. The area may heal with little or no scarring or changes to the surface of the skin. Using a laser to vaporize the skin cancer. This procedure may require a local anesthesia and may result in some loss of pigment or scarring. generic viagra online india Receiving photodynamic therapy (pdt), which also uses a laser. First, the cancer cells are made sensitive to light by injecting or applying a photosensitizing agent. Then, a laser is directed at the area to destroy the cancer cells. You may feel a burning sensation during the procedure and have redness and swelling afterward. You must avoid direct sunlight for a minimum of 6 weeks after pdt. 2 remove skin cancer with surgery. This is normally an outpatient procedure and if the melanoma is thin and small, it can be done with local anesthesia. Depending on the thickness of the melanoma, a margin around the cancer will also be removed, which can vary from 0. viagra generic 5 to 2 cm. viagra for sale in ireland For larger melanomas, a skin graft from another part of the body may be necessary. 3 receive radiation therapy when surgery isn't possible or after surgical removal of advanced-stage skin cancer. 4 kill cancer cells with chemotherapy. Topical treatments may be used if the cancer doesn't penetrate below the surface of the skin. The downside is the lotion or cream may cause inflammation or scarring. buy viagra Intravenous chemotherapy is used for advanced skin cancer or when it has spread to other areas. 5 explore skin cancer treatments for more advanced stages of the disease. Biological therapy is an option for those with stage ii or stage iii melanomas, which have either a high chance of re-occurrence or have spread to the lymph nodes. It involves injections of medications, such as interferon or interleukin-2, which kill cancer cells by stimulating the immune system. This treatment extends the cancer-free period, but doesn't impact survival rates. viagra canada Investigative immunology is a possibility for people with stages iii or iv skin cancer. Vaccines are currently being tested that kill cance.